Better Link Tester Release Notes

If you are looking for an older version of Better Link Tester, or just looking to see the change history this is where you will find it.

Better Link Tester v1.0.4

(Release 5): released 2016-10-01; requires macOS Mountain Lion (10.8) or later; 64-bit

Better Link Tester version 1.0.4 is mostly a bug fix version, the fixes include:

  • Changed the name from Baxton's Link Tester to Better Link Tester
  • Added in a new licensing model, that integrates with the Before Dawn Solutions backend
  • Added an in application error reporting mechanism
  • Added a check for update framework
  • Fixed a bug, when a page has too many redirects it failed, this is fixed
Download Better Link Tester Version 1.0.4