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Requires Mac OS X 10.8 or higher running on a Mac with a Core 2 Duo or better processor

Organize, Use & Share Code Snippets

Welcome to the snippet revolution. When you spend all day writing code, it is only natural to start having feelings of déjà vu. Didn’t you write that same few lines of code a few days ago, and again a few days before that? Why are you wasting time re-writing that code again and again? You need a Code Snippet Manager and Code Collector Pro is the answer, giving you the ability to store snippets of code and retrieve them with a few keystrokes


A large library of code snippets can be hard to manage, so Code Collector Pro provides you with powerful tools to organize your code snippets. Collect code snippets into groups or have Code Collector Pro do it for you with smart groups. Tag your code snippets to make searching easier and add descriptions and the source for the code snippet, so you know where it came from and how to use it.
  • Groups and smart groups for collecting code snippets
  • Fully customisable syntax colouring
  • Tag code snippets for easier searching
  • Add description and source information for code snippets
  • Create new code snippets from selected text in any app
  • Drag files to your library to add them as code snippets

What is a Code Snippet?

A code snippet is a small reusable part of code. It could be anything from a single line to a skeleton for an entire file.


Code snippets are kind of useless if they just sit there all day, collecting dust. Code Collector Pro sets your code snippets free, allowing you to access and insert them into your favorite text editor with just a few keystrokes. Or if you’re a more mouse driven person, you can drag and drop code snippets from Code Collector Pro to anywhere on your Mac.
  • Insert code snippets into your favorite editor with just a few keystrokes
  • Drag & drop code snippets to anywhere on your Mac

What people are saying

Macupdate Commentor

Nice, simple, straighforward, uncluttered and (above all) does what it is supposed to.


It has saved me a lot of time and I hope that it will do the same for you.

Ed Brenner - User

Thanks! My code is now organized in one place for quick access.

MacWorld UK, August 2008 Issue

…a simple but effective tool that will appeal to all code creators…

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Sharing is good. It can benefit your developer community while giving you a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Code Collector Pro makes sharing your code snippets with incredibly simple. In just a few clicks you can be sharing some, or all, of your code snippets with the world.

If you just want to send a few private code snippets to a friend or colleague who has Code Collector Pro, you can instead export them to a Snippet file, a single clean file that is easy to email or send over an instant messaging client.

  • Free account on for public code snippets
  • Start sharing with just a few clicks
  • Download code snippets to your library with a single click
  • Export code snippets to a single, easily sharable file

Change Log

Version 1.7.5 – 2017-05-23

  • Enhanced Crash Detection
  • Fixed the Hot key for the Search bar
  • Fixed syncing to CCNET

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